Welcome in Provence

Welcome to one of the village on the outskirts of Marseille, at the gates of Aubagne between the vines, to Marcel Pagnol, and Eoures.
We welcome to beautiful ballads on the trail of Marcel Pagnol, the trucks les Bains spa or arises a source named aigo dou good God, Thalassotherapy of the four seasons, the castle of my mother, the market of Aubagne, the classy of Allauch, the port of Cassis... and speaking OM!

The Church in the centre of the village square.

The history of the trucks

A lay brother of the order of Saint-Dominique, of the convent of Marseille, named Jean CAMOINS gets permission to leave the cloister. His wishes having been broken, he married, and as it was without resource in its new State, he turned to his former colleagues to get permission to live with her family, a part of domain of the Dominican and he enlisted to clear.
In Exchange for this paternal gesture, the Dominicans exaggerate an annual fee of two heminae tuzelle *.
It is therefore an act of generosity that gave life to this corner of our city that Marcel PAGNOL will celebrate.
Jean CAMOINS settled in this area of Piefourcat *, current territory of the village
These three sons built their homes around their father. This was the nucleus of this ancient village called bastides of the trucks
In 1630, he had 636 inhabitants.

Remote 12 800 Km from Marseille centre, at 112 m above sea level, the village develops as the coming of a branch of the grand canal from the Durance allows agriculture to develop. She then became the only wealth of this land.
From the cross to the baths to the path of the trucks to the Penne, these are only meadows, fruit trees (Apple, pear, cherry tree), wheat fields and vineyards.

:?:: tuzelle heminae: quality wheat, and an obligation to build a House

:?:: Piefourcat: Hill ending in fork

Thanks for visiting the site of the trucks! We hope that these pages will give you all the information and inspiration you need to plan your family vacation or next vacation. We look forward to welcome you in our village. Enjoy your visit!

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Marseille, a stage or film of Pagnol at each coinde Street where the performances follow one another relentlessly.
Our so amazing city whose residents care well to have accomplices spectators, as they play first for them. Comedy scenes, that you find both in a bus than in a market, on one of the plots where everyone lives, the present moment.
Reject ideas about our city, what you had in mind before coming.
European capital of culture in 2013, the city fascinates, intrigues and conquered a new audience.
Our climate is typically Mediterranean. We have an exceptional duration of sunshine, with more than 2,800 hours of Sun per year, including with the mistral, a cold, dry wind that blows on average 93 days per year


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Mass every Sunday at 11: 00



Parish of the trucks

Messe tous les dimanches à 11h église Sainte-Agathe




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